X-BOARD If don’t read, how will you know what you are missing ..?

Meet X-BOARD, a rising star in the branding world.

X-BOARD is a very dense, environmentally friendly panel – made of 100% recycled cardboard.

It can be used to construct any element you want, and you can place anything you wish on it.

Important things to know about X-BOARD

Strong and massive
A pressing capacity of 60 tons
Contains flame retardants
Crash-proof: will not disintegrate even after coming in contact with water

Would you believe that all of the elements shown here are made of X-BOARD?

If you didn’t know that they are actually made of X-BOARD, all of them seem to be made of clapboard, or from MDF, Medium Density Fibreboard…

X-BOARD is excellent material for light building and environmentally friendly building. You can use it to create stands, counters and booths for all purposes.

Whether for points of sale / displays / conferences, or just as a shelving unit for your business or even a table and chair … really anything.

At the end of event, you will be able to disassemble the panels easily, and reassemble them for your next event.

This is a solution that has it all. It is safe, smart, environmentally friendly, efficient, convenient and easy to carry.

Most importantly, we will sit together with you and for you, to create a unique design that reflects your company’s values and the messages that it is important to you to transmit to your target audiences. We are here to think, develop and make every idea come to life!

What are the costs? Contact us! We promise to surprise you ..

You can phone us at  1-700-501-508
Or send us an email  info@picpong.biz

PICPONG projects

We invite you to view the many projects made using KEDEM X-Board products, designed and manufactured by PICPONG
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