PIC PONG – In short, we print on everything ...

We stand behind that statement - Here’s a collection of projects showcasing the variety of materials with which we work.

King Solomon Expo!

King Solomon School students presented their products, and we were there to set up colorful and professional booths for the show (exactly! From X-board, our recycled and exclusive material),

Valentine’s Day in the Sharonim compound

A photo wall from X-board with a cut-out of Kappa hearts, shaped cupa mobiles hanging and a "Kappa box" in various shapes scattered throughout the mall

Home Front Command Corps – Design of a TV studio

We wrapped in quality wall decals that convey professionalism, with a little wink of humor

BlueVine branding event

A "welcome" totem branded from all directions, cubes of various sizes and cardboard beer coasters, shaped table centerpieces made of PVC and directional signs made of caps. | Ofer Glazer and Naama Freinta Event Productions and Gali Tzabari for managing and producing the event

Microsoft new office

Floor and wall stickers in all shapes and sizes. Various stands from X-Board (our eco-friendly and exclusive material, you already know) that were placed at the entrance to the event, in the dining complexes and Pop It. And also as part of the decor. | Micha Dolev from Amhiya Productions

Redefine Meat Rebranding

Plexiglas-shaped logo, wallpaper and branding for all the walls, and most importantly - the inverted violation that has become the symbol of the place.

Priority V.I.P room for Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball games

Wall and ceiling stickers, PVC cover for counters, a bright sign from Meladim shouting Priority, beer coasters and stirrers and of course - branded scarves to get into the atmosphere.

Inauguration of offices by Deep Instinct

A huge and unique entrance gate in the shape of an arch from X-BOARD, a blue library with hundreds (!!!) of books we created especially for the occasion and up to tens of meters of floor and blank stickers | Insideout Business Productions

Hanukkah – Weizmann Institute

Photo wall and white cylinders from X-BOARD, directional signs, shaped mobiles, and designed and colorful stickers for tables | Elma Event Productions

SciPlay Company – “Desert Queen Event”

Directional arrows, shaped cape signs, PVC letter table stand, cubes of various sizes, Chinese flags, Samsonite | Production company: Ofer Glazer and Naama Freinta Event Productions

Space Acton – Microsoft

Floor stickers that put everyone in the mood, we covered the elevators with wallpaper stickers so we could feel in space and created a cut-out of a spaceship and an astronaut | Insideout Business Productions

Memorial Wall – Air Force

4-layer work: wallpaper, cut aluminum in the shape of the Air Force emblem, semi-transparent Plexiglas with grains and the names of the fallen | Miraculously designed and planned: Yigal Gabay Photographed professionally: Roby Yahav | Road partners: Air Force and Ministry of Defense

Shafir Regional Council

We combined plexiglass, cut them with a form laser and CNC machines and in addition in some parts we combined LED lighting as a halo - Photographed with great talent: Roby Yahav Studio Duaton

Ofer Mall Ramat Aviv – GO UNDER uniform

Our designed X-BOARD walls as part of an exhibition led by 13 leading fashion designers held in March 2021 | Limor Zohar Shavit

Design for shields in Otef Aza – Gaza envelope

Live wall game, still life made of magnetic erasable boards, black Plexiglas compass, game roulette, PVC carpets | Keren Frenkel and Noa Mirnetz

west and east north and south

Wall cladding in a facility of the Ministry of Defense. Printing on glass

Amit Network Renewal Conference

Stands, floor stickers, walls built from our legendary and exclusive material: X-BOARD, and mobile charging stations - an innovative product that gives us all peace | Design: Naumburg and Drori

Moriah – Jerusalem Development Company

Our modest (but accurate!) Contribution to the event: a carpet made of PVC, a photo wall made of our exclusive and high-quality mega material, namely the X-BOARD, with elements made of PVC, and for dessert a flower pot designed for the center of the table. | Gal Oren Production Company BSD

MRI rooms at Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital

Design, printing, installation, including three-dimensional elements with special LED lighting and Plexiglas elements.

The army is marching on its stomach

The dining rooms of the Ministry of Defense have been renewed with wallpaper, wall stickers and especially in a new and bouncy atmosphere.


Photo wall and three-dimensional letters, built from X-BOARD

Landa Digital Printing

Wallpapers, stickers, illuminated letters and other raw materials | Design: Nushka Design workshop

Synamedia Event

Made of X-BOARD

Moden case stands

Branded stands for bags of different weights are made of the high-quality material X-BOARD

Hass Belgian waffle stand and French crepe

Made of X-BOARD

Pavilion at a satellite exhibition of the Orbit company.

The entire pavilion was built from X-BOARD

Leonardo Cosmetics Offices

Printing on Plexiglas and brushed aluminum.

Ogen Real Estate

Signage and parking signage

Gilat summer camp

A summer event for Gilat Company

Hackathon 2019, Microsoft

Stickers and X-board

Intel Family Event

The event was held in Shefayim

100 years for the rabbinate

The event was held in the International Convention Center - Using X-board

Learning spaces in schools

Design: Idit Abu - interior design and learning spaces

Carmel Winery

On the occasion of the launch of a new logo for some of their wines. | Design: Michal Golan- Boutique event design


Glass stickers | Design: Amit Pepo Interior Architecture

Purim event for DSP

In the Wild West

A decade for Assuta

Celebrate at Ramat Hahayal

Bat Mitzvah for Omar

In a concept of around the world | Design: Michal Golan- Boutique event design

Google cloud spring party

Reading 3 Port of Tel Aviv

Super Heroes

Purim Party startup company - subject - Superheroes
רעיונות לדוכנים


Amdocs stand in Milan.

It was sent from Israel and established there.


Purim Party in Hollywood Concept for NeuroDerm Pharmaceutical Company - Event Design - Michal Golan


An Indian-style event for Toyga at a Tel Aviv events complex called Rocco

A costume for a branch of susu and sons

In honor of Purim in the form of Dominus Pizza


מטרומול רחובות - שילוט

Bar Mitzvah

The reactor

אירוע של מיקרוסופט במתחם wework בתל אביב

Event for the Ministry of Education

בבנייני האומה ירושלים

Home Design

עיצוב מעמדים לחנות רהיטים מ - X-board

Arava Agricultural Center

מדבקות קיר

Pillow Fight




Microsoft – Winter Event

אירוע חורף

IBM conference

At a PICPONG exhibition

תערוכת Israfood אישראפוד - גני התערוכה - נובמבר 2018


מרכז מבקרים. מפעל אהבה בים המלח

Hasidism Fair

בינייני האומה

Joint event sponsored by the Absorption Ministry and the Municipality of Rehovot

בבית התרבות ברחובות


Maccabi Health Services – Service Center

Israeli Air Force event in Hatzerim

Service with a mission

אירוע חשיפה לשירות הלאומי. היכל פיס ארנה ירושלים

“Our IDF” Exhibition

לכבוד 70 שנה לצה"ל למשרד הביטחון ולתעשייה הביטחונית

Mother and baby (“Tipat Halav”) Health clinic

כללית בחריש

CLALIT Health Services Clinics – Haderim

בכפר ספא

Family day – Israeli Air Force


לקראת פתיחת החנות

King Solomon School

הכפר הירוק

Noam House

בית ספר ממלכתי דתי ברחובות

CLALIT Health Services Clinic – Hadera

שכונת הפארק


Instagram event

הראשון בארץ

The 2018 Annual Conference for Government Funded Religious Schools

בנייני האומה ירושלים

CLALIT Health Services Clinics

מרפאה בחריש

Activity complexes at Azrieli Malls

מתחמי פעילות לילדים בחנוכה

Electra salon

ערב למתקני המזגנים של אלקטרה
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