Trade shows

The parts that make up the whole

Trade show and exhibition design.

The actor Yankale Ben Sira once said in a well-known advertisement – “drywall – what’s so great about drywall?”
Instead, we say, cardboard – What’s so good about cardboard?

So what are the benefits of X-BOARD cardboard?
1. You can print directly onto the X-BOARD cardboard panels
2. X-BOARD panels are lightweight
3. A facility built from X-BOARD can be disassembled and reused
4. You can set up a facility built from X-BOARD anywhere
5. You can recycle a facility built from X-BOARD
6. You can build almost anything using X-BOARD panels. From the sales booth walls to chairs and shelving – maintaining a consistent visual language

And with other promotional products from PICPONG, you can present your business in the best light. Anywhere. Any time.

PICPONG Projects

We invite you to take a look at the exhibitions which were created using Kedem X-BOARD products, designed and manufactured by PICPONG
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