Events and conferences that are larger than life ...

a range of branding products that will blow your customer’s mind …

Is a customer event, business event, conference or company event coming up soon?

Are you pressed for time and don’t know where to even begin?

Don’t worry! All is well. We’ve got you covered.
The good news is that there is no need to rack your brain- and certainly no need to empty your wallet! PICPONG is a one stop shop – which means that you do not have to run around from place to place … We have all of the solutions you need to produce an extraordinary event … from the smallest piece to the most complex elements.
We offer design solutions that add presence, color and uniqueness to your event.
We begin by meeting with your production director, and together we will built the event’s central concept.
Then, we will invest time to think about the elements with which you best connect. We think about the design language, the message which you wish to convey, and all the rest.

Among the solutions we offer you:
Static wall decals, decals for glass, door decals, product decals, and decals designed for quick removal.
Our decals do not leave glue behind and they do not peel the paint off the walls, furniture, or the item to which they are affixed.

In addition, we have a wide variety of flags, three-dimensional objects, branded carpets – and many, many other surprising elements.

Make life easy on yourself. Tell us what your vision is, and we will do the rest!

Be in touch. We promise to surprise …
You can phone us  1-700-501-508

And you can send us a message

PICPONG Projects

We invite you to take a look at the many projects which were created using PICPONG’s Kedem products.
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