Interior and space design

Your business’s appearance and branding are important to you ..

Have you ever been so impressed by a company’s interior design that it made your heart flutter?

In the business world, looks are almost everything. The design of your office – the style, modernity, and attention to detail – Sends a message to your client. It conveys to them that you’re serious, committed, and ready to serve.

Imagine how impressed your clients would be to see your company logo hanging above the door in a non-standard size?

Imagine a logo that will grab the attention of anyone entering your office.

How unique an experience would it be to enter an office with walls that boast a unique design inspired by your product or service?

At PICPONG you will find unique solutions to space design. We offer a variety of shaped elements, decals, pictures, and wallpaper on which we can print anything you want, using the latest and most advanced digital printing technology.

Time is money … Do not wait too long … The best time to upgrade your office space is right now!

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PICPONG projects

We invite you to take a look at the numerous projects in the field of interior design and space design, created using Kedem products.
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